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Crystal Ortegon

Programs SpecialistWhole Kids Foundation

As a child, I spent many afternoons watching my grandmother cook, which first inspired my interest in food and nutrition. She always made what was in season—rich Mexican caldos with root vegetables in the winter and homemade fig jam in the summer.

After receiving my degree in nutrition from The University of Texas at Austin, I was compelled to work for a nonprofit organization so I could use my expertise proactively — to reach people with life-changing nutrition messages before they develop diet-related illness, not after. Education and prevention is what our work here at Whole Kids Foundation is all about! 

One of my favorite things about our programs is the emphasis on fun, hands-on experiences for kids. Our work inspires and lifts them up by creating new opportunities and showing them healthy alternatives.

I’ve always enjoyed working with children in a variety of settings, from teaching gymnastics to coordinating a preschool farm-to-table lunch program. Much of my work these days is behind the scenes — collecting, organizing and analyzing data, and strengthening the support structure that keeps our grant programs running smoothly — and it feels great to know these everyday efforts are making kids’ lives better and brighter.

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