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Jacqueline Dewitt

Educational Farm ManagerWhole Kids Foundation

I started with Whole Foods Market as a college freshman with no idea what I wanted to do and was inspired to pursue Environmental Studies and Biology. After graduating, I spent 5 years on a small organic vegetable farm. Coming back to the Whole Foods community to farm in this capacity feels serendipitous, and I’m very excited!

I give a lot of credit to my experiences at WFM for my decision to study Environmental Studies and Biology. During those years, I learned over and over that agriculture makes up a very significant percentage of our water use, oil consumption, deforestation, chemical pollution, and erosion. I used the years I spent on organic farms learning better ways to grow food, care for the land, build soil and communities, and to produce more than you consume. 

The work Whole Kids Foundation does is integral in building the healthy communities that we all want to create. Having grown up with a small vegetable garden at home, I took for granted all the things about food, health, cooking, environment, and a little hard work and responsibility that being part of a garden teaches. I can’t think of a single more holistic way to teach kids to be good stewards of their bodies, their environment, and their communities than involvement in a garden.

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