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Download: Vital Farms Coloring Sheet!

Just click, print and play. You may even find that as your kids color between the lines, they will start asking questions about healthy food choices and how you can grow your own food!

When hens get to pick what they eat, they thrive. No surprise that kids are the same way. 

Did you know that school kids with access to fresh fruits and veggies eat 33% more of the good stuff than they would otherwise? Snack on that figure for a minute. Plus, students with access to a school garden benefit from a spectrum of hands-on learning opportunities, from math and science to history, health and nutrition. These gardens are rooted in communities and help build stronger bonds to local schools, which is better for everyone.

That’s why our giving-season fundraiser is so important. We have a waiting list full of schools ready for funding. Just a small gift can help us turn end-of-year generosity into gleaming salad bars and vibrant, edible classroom spaces. And with Vital Farms as our partner, your gift goes twice as far. 

Donate today and help us #FeedTheFuture! Your dollars will go toward getting fresh fruits and veggies onto the plates of kids who need them.

Bonus: every gift of $25 or more enters you for a chance to win a year of free eggs! That’s a lot of mornings made sunnier with veggie omelets and quiches.