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Healthy Teachers Program Topics

Healthy at Home

We understand that healthy eating starts at the home and want to give you some guidance on how to make the right choices before and after a busy day in the classroom. Check out these great resources and helpful tips to get you and your loved ones started on a healthier path.

Cost Cutting Tips
Healthy eating has a stereotype of being more expensive than the average diet, however that’s not necessarily true. Check out the following tips to stretch your dollar a bit further at the grocery store and make healthy choices that wont break the bank:

  • Plan ahead. Although this will take some time and effort up front, meal prepping for the week saves you time during the week, saves you money by reducing unnecessary food purchases, and makes it easier to make healthy food choices because they are already prepared for you to eat!
  • Make a shopping list! Knowing what you already have on hand and what you need to buy not only reduces waste and unnecessary purchases, it also decreases the number of trips you will have to make back and forth to pick up the things you forgot.
    • You can even look up sales and download coupons for your store online before heading over, and maybe consider planning your meals based on what you know is going to be on sale.
  • Always have healthy choices on hand. Consider doing a Healthy Pantry Makeover at home, and be sure to keep a variety of healthy snack options on hand at home, work, in the car, wherever you are!  
  • Learn how to properly store produce so it lasts as long as possible
  • Looking for more? Check out more healthy eating on a budget tips here

Food Journal
Keeping a food journal can be a great place to start if you want to improve your health but aren’t quite sure where to start. Try keeping track of the foods (and amounts) eaten, time of day, and what kinds of physical and emotional sensations occur in relation to those meals for a few days. Looking this over can give you insight in to where you can to make changes! Check out these healthy snack swaps for a few simple ways to make changes. The Healthy Eating Handbook is another great place to find healthy meal suggestions as well as a template for your own food journal.

ANDI Score
The Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) is a great way to gauge the heath and nutritional benefits of a particular raw food. The scoring system is based on calories vs. nutrients per serving and is scaled from 0 (lowest nutrient content) to 1000 (highest nutrient content). This can be a great tool to assess the quality of your current diet and can also be used to guide you towards healthier alternatives!

Food Safety
Making nutritious food choices is a significant part of healthy eating, but being mindful of food safety practices and having awareness of signs and symptoms of common foodborne illnesses is a commonly overlooked factor in staying healthy! Following the four simple steps of Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill will help reduce the risk of foodborne illness in your home.