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Two Hour Program

The cornerstone of the Healthy Teachers Program is a free two-hour nutrition and cooking class, available in select areas. This class covers basic principles of eating unprocessed foods, offers tips for shopping economically while still making healthy choices, and includes healthy cooking demonstrations and recipes. Some school districts offer Professional Development Hours for teachers who attend the class. The two hour classes are hosted by our Whole Foods Market stores and are taught by a Healthy Eating Specialist or Marketing Specialist and include a cooking demo with samples. If a class is not offered (below), you can contact your local Whole Foods Market Marketing Team Leader to set one up. You can find your closest store here.


"I have always took pride in being a positive influence in the lives of my students.  I was conscious of how I dressed, how I spoke to them and how I developed relationships with them.  Yet, I had never considered that my diet was also something that stood out and how eating fast food and drinking soda had a negative impact on my students.  After the Healthy Teachers Program, I have made a conscious effort to eat healthy and encourage my students to do as well.  The food I keep at my desk for hungry students in the afternoon is now fruit instead of candy.  Now I eat salads instead of burgers.  In fact, several of my previous students have made comments about the change in my diet." - Justin Buckner, 8th grade Social Studies, Aztec Charter School, Oklahoma City, OK. 


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