Jenny Corbin

Program Educator and Support Manager | Whole Kids Foundation

My career with Whole Foods began as a Prepared Foods team member at a store in Washington, D.C. Through the strong direction of team leaders and the support of store leadership, I discovered that this was just the start of my journey through Whole Foods. After a year, she served as a marketing liaison before taking the role as Regional Orientation Trainer for the Mid-Atlantic engaging in projects like New Team Member Training Materials and leadership trainings. After her family moved to Austin, her focus shifted to the kitchen where she hosted and facilitated cooking classes for kids, teens and adults at the Lamar Culinary Center. My classes designed for kids and adults all focused on nutritious, seasonal meals easily replicated at home. My biggest discovery as a cooking class instructor is children have a more refined palate than we give them credit. They are more capable and willing to eat a large variety of nutritious foods when presented with the choice.

What I love most about working with Whole Kids Foundation is being surrounded by a dynamic team that inspires me in countless ways and the positive collaborations that happen daily to further our mission.