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Auction Off Store Decor

Whole Foods Market Lamar; Austin, TX

  • Before storing or recycling your store displays, consider auctioning them off to customers and Team Members to benefit WKF. 
  • Auction display items via social media outlets.

Auction Specifics

After recieving guest and Team Member inquireis, Whole Foods Marekt Lamar auctioned off two store-crafted, life-sized dinosaurs that were part of their Back to School merchandising in August. 

The auction was promoted and held via social media chanels, and both dinos were sold for a total of a $456! 

Hold a Larger Silent Auction

If you'd like to hold a larger auction with multiple display items, here's how! 

  • Compile a list of store decor that may benefit customers or local businesses.
  • Promote the auction to customers, Team Members, and applicable community partners with large outdoor signage at the front of the store, bag stuffers, social media posts, and email outreach to community partners.
  • Get MTL and Customer Service teams should work together to set up a display at the front of the store.
  • Place a bid sheet next to each piece to be auctioned with a minimum starting bid and minimum increments listed.
  • At the end of the art auction, the Customer Service team takes the lead on contacting the winning bidders and processing their payments as donations into the WPF PLU when they come to pick up the display items. 


  • Get your social media team on board in organizing the auction.
  • A few well-executed tactics and events are better than a bunch of smaller, less impactful initiatives!