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Better Bites Smoothie Party

Fremont Store, Fremont, California

  • Use WKF’s Better Bites to inspire Kids Club events
  • Kids as small as 2 years old can help, with a parent’s assistance
  • Load your smoothies with veggies the kids pick
  • Send smoothie recipes home

Better Bites Smoothie Party

Marketing Team Leader Lisa Marie Wilson is the driving force behind Freemont’s new Better Bites Kids Club, and based the club’s first event on the Banana Nut and Miles of Smiles smoothies. Front End Supervisor Rebeca Atkins kicked off the party by explaining the veggies and fruits that went into the smoothies to over 20 kids. The group toured the store to find all the produce they needed, while Rebeca talked a little bit about the nutritional benefits of produce, keeping info age appropriate.  

When the group had collected all the ingredients, kids got to work helping Rebecca make the smoothies! A small prize was raffled off while kids tried the two smoothies they made. Everyone took home a Better Bites goodie bag with coloring sheets and smoothie recipes.

Event Feedback

Lisa and Rebeca received great feedback from kids and parents, one of whom posted on the store’s Facebook page, even. This is a perfect event for kids of all ages. Children as young as 2 can help add ingredients to blenders, while older kids can brainstorm their own special recipes. You’ll be surprised how many veggies kids will add when you give them the choice!

Besides Facebook, Fremont shares the word about its Better Bites Kids Club using a local family event website and traditional store media.

What it Costs

For Lisa Marie, Kids Club events never cost more than $40, which is impressive for a class with 15-25 kids! This cost is also small for the noticeable increase in store loyalty caused by the events.

The day of each event, TMs spend about 1 hour on set-up and 45 minutes with the kids, and then clean up. Supplies like goodie bags are assembled earlier in the week to keep set-up on Saturdays as efficient as possible.