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Bring Cherry Fest to Summer Camp

Kitsilano Store, Vancouver, BC

  • Spend a day at a local summer camp to teach about healthy lifestyles
  • Focus on a fruit or veggie, like summer’s fresh cherries
  • Plan a mix of learning, crafting, and active stations to keep kids engaged

It’s All About Cherries

Marketing Team Leader Tereza Anderson was invited to spend the afternoon with 55 kids, ages 6-12, at the Vancouver School Board Healthy Eating and Leadership (HEAL) Summer Camp.

Tereza planned 3 cherry-rrific activities for kids, beginning with some fun facts. Did you know about 800 cherries grow on 1 tree?!

Craft Time

After a quick lesson on how to avoid the pits, everyone got a little bag of cherries to eat. Kids saved their pits to make a paper plate shaker. Campers colored 2 plates, stuck cherry pits inside, and stapled everything up. These not only made great musical instruments, they also made pretty good Frisbees.

Attempting a World Record

Tereza marked off the length of the Guinness World Record for cherry pit spitting (93’ 6.5”) and kids took turns spitting a pit as far as they could. Unfortunately, no cherry pit spitting records were broken at HEAL this year.

Meals from the Garden

The school garden harvest at Maple Grove Elementary provides a portion of the camper’s lunch each day. Pretty cool since they’re a WKF Garden Grant recipient!