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Bring Healthy Eating to Your Whole Community

West Hartford Store, West Hartford, CT

  • Teach healthy eating habits at underserved community locations
  • Make healthy choices easy by sharing LOTS of tools
  • Tailor information to the audience – this event focused on WKF Better Bites and other simple changes

The Community

Healthy Eating Specialists Tia Battiston and Shana Brierley took their expertise on the road and visited the Washington Street Juvenile Detention Facility for Girls located in Hartford, CT. Healthy living, especially eating properly, is a focus of the community at this facility.

The facility already had a lot of posters explaining sugar content, serving size, and My Plate. Tia is planning on sending the facility more healthy eating information and posters to continue bringing healthy eating into all areas of her community. 

Education is an empowering form of community outreach that can change lives. That’s more than enough reason to hold an event like this one! The time, effort, and cost of this event for Tia and Shana were minimal; the event lasted approximately 2 hours. The return they received was huge – the girls put on a wonderful dancing performance to thank the vendors, and they also made adorable coffee mugs for each visitor.

The Event

Tia and Shana were asked to visit the detention facility as part of a day dedicated to healthy eating. They brought lots of fresh fruit, trail mix, Better Bites handouts, and display materials. The girls loved the fruit and came back for seconds! Tia and Shana left extras for the girls to have with their meals over the next few days.

A hospital dietician was also at the facility with a great display showing how much sugar soft drinks and other beverages contain.