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Build a Whole Kids Garden at Your Store

Pikes Peak Store, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Invite kids to plant and grow their own seeds right at your store
  • Use recycled or repurposed wood to create a raised garden bed
  • Build the new garden in a healthy growing location – away from roads and parking lots and receiving a mix of sun and shade
  • A great idea for Team Member Volunteer Week

Event Specifics

When Pikes Peak had left over wood, Josh West, Supervisor Porter, suggested building a raised bed for the store. Within a few days, he had the garden built and filled with fresh, nutrient rich soil. Building a new garden is a great project for your store’s Team Member Volunteer Week! To fill this garden, Lisa Goodwin, Customer Service Booth Team Member and Kids Club Event Coordinator, set up a Whole Kids Summer Club planting event. Lisa sent out event info via email to spread the word to her store’s kids.

With only 30 minutes of set-up on the day of the event, Team Members prepared crafts and cut up fruit for snacks. The crafts, a seed book that explained how seeds grow and all the basic parts of a flowering plant, were colored with various art supplies by waiting gardeners. This type of activity book is available online in versions for both older and younger audiences here

Fifteen future gardeners showed up to this event and took turns planting in groups of two. Before planting, each participant was given a Popsicle stick with his or her name on it. This helped identify where a kid’s seeds were located in the new garden. While waiting for their turn, the other kids worked on their craft and snacked on bananas and oranges. The event lasted exactly 1 hour. 

Event Feedback

Kids and families are excited to visit their garden (and thus the store) regularly to water and care for their plants. Because the planting began in May, the kids are able to watch their plants grow (and visit the store) all summer – a great way to keep families involved in your store’s activities and promotions.  

This event received very positive feedback from the families who were able to attend. If Lisa could make one change she would add signage to explain the new garden to curious WFM guests.

Event Costs

Overall, cost was approximately $85. Soil, which totaled $58, contributed the largest cost to the project. However, all other aspects of the project, including seeds, art supplies, and snacks, were relatively low cost. Best of all, the recycled wood didn’t cost a thing! 

Lisa utilized talent and supplies from many different departments to help stretch her budget AND get the whole store excited about teaching kids. Local businesses may be willing to donate garden supplies and dirt that will lower your costs.

In total, the project took about 11 hours of time. Building the garden required 6 hours, and planning and prepping for the event took 3 hours. Other time was spent brainstorming and holding the planting event.


  • Begin planning garden 2-3 months in advance
  • Talk with TMs who will be directly involved (Porters, Marketing, FE Leadership, Store Leadership)
  • Determine necessary supplies and a location for the garden
  • Ask for approval and support from Store Leadership
  • Plan the garden planting event