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Celebrate a School Garden Year Round

Lynwood Store, Lynwood, WA

  • Organize a lasting relationship with local garden grant recipients
  • Celebrate milestones with students and staff, such as the garden's anniversaries
  • Teach lessons to students on topics like pollinators - complete with costumes!
  • Cook a meal for students and staff using produce from the garden

The Lynnwood store in Lynnwood, WA has developed a beautiful relationship with a local school garden grant recipient, Olivia Park Elementary. Olivia Park received a School Garden Grant in Spring 2012 and has celebrated many milestones with Lynnwood! The store has organized a number of groups of volunteers to take care of the garden and even celebrated the garden’s anniversary with a lesson on pollinators.

In fall of 2013, Lynwood and Olivia Park celebrated the bounty of the garden harvest and their WKF partnership by cooking up a beautiful feast from the garden. This event brought together the entire community at one harvest table in the garden, featuring a menu prepared by the Lynnwood chefs and hosting everyone from the school board members to the superintendent, from the teachers to the students. The food featured items from the garden, causing one student (age 7) to exclaim “I don’t want any pork; I only want vegetables!” Of course, she had picked the veggies herself.