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Celebrate Graduation with Healthy Eating Classes in the Garden

Laurelhurst Store, Portland, OR

  • Treat graduating students with a healthy eating class
  • Host and judge an Iron Chef contest for graduating students
  • Inspire local youth to perform at store events

Atkinson School

Helen Lee, Marketing and Community Relations Team Leader, organized 2 healthy eating classes for the graduating 5th grade class at Atkinson School, a WKF partner school. Local supplier Pacific Northwest Kale Chips accompanied Helen to the school’s garden, where they discussed organics and making healthy choices every day with the 5th graders! 

Sunnyside School

Graduating 8th graders at Sunnyside School invited Helen to be a judge at their Iron Chef contest. The young chefs showed judges how they worked as a team and used local ingredients, despite challenges. Although Helen did not organize this event, it could easily be replicated at another school or store.  

Best of PDX Vendor Fair

Helen invited Nick Kent, a graduating 8th grader, to perform at the Best of PDX Vendor Fair, where he was a smashing hit!

Your Store & Its Schools

Local students hold a big place in your community. Supporting their gardens, healthy eating initiatives, and creative endeavors helps them (and your store) grow!