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Create a Lasting Kids Day of Service

Wellington Store, Wellington, Florida

  • Work with a local school garden to celebrate Kids Day of Service
  • Partner with community organizations to provide continuing support, whether it’s once a month or once a year
  • Provide students and staff with cooking skills and ingredients for family meals

Planting Seedlings

The Wellington store works with local organizations all year round to support Wynnebrook Elementary School’s Junior Garden. To celebrate Kids Day of Service, Team Members visited the garden and teamed up with 4th and 5th grade junior gardeners to plant seedlings. Marketing Team Leader Lauren Belinsky made this day of hard work, positive energy, and delicious food possible!

Aquaponic Garden

The Wynnebrook garden has been expanding each year, and this year’s addition, an aquaponic garden, was unveiled at Kids Day of Service.  

Surprising News

Over a meal from the rainbow salad bar, kids and volunteers listened to presentations by Wellington’s HES Amanda Fernandez and the principal of Wynnebrook Elementary. Also present were local politicians with some surprising news for everyone: this day was officially proclaimed as “Planting Seeds for Success Day” by the county commissioner’s office!

“I Love Veggies” Bag

At the end of the day, kids took home an “I Love Veggies” bag to bring to the cooking classes Wellington hosts at Wynnebrook Elementary throughout the year. Students learn to make new recipes and take home ingredients necessary to recreate the dishes for their whole family!

A relationship like Wellington and Wynnebrook’s is a great place to implement the Healthy Teachers Program too!

Media Coverage

The local paper reported on Wellington’s Kids Day of Service, including the plantings, new aquaponic garden, and the future of the relationship Wellington has forged with Wynnebrook Elementary. Read the article here