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Create a Shopping Cart Garden

The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone

  • Shopping cart gardens are a fun, portable alternative to a permanent garden bed
  • Fill a shopping cart with soil and have kids help plant veggies
  • Let kids create markers for each type of plant

A garden is a great way to share the mission of Whole Kids Foundation with your store and its families. Shopping cart gardens solve all sorts of problems a permanent garden structure can cause. These gardens are small and portable, so they can be wheeled inside, outside, and all around your store.

Planting Your Garden

To create your garden, there is no need to build a structure, just fill a shopping cart with soil! The cart can be left unlined or lined with burlap, tarp, or landscaping fabric. Be sure to leave drainage holes at the bottom of the cart for your garden if it is lined with tarp.

Shopping cart gardens can be filled with flowers, fruits, or veggies. You can make planting the garden part of a Kids Club event like this one at Pikes Peak. Let kids make markers for each type of plant with stir sticks, rocks, or other materials.