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Decorate a School Garden Rain Barrel

North Miami Store, North Miami, FL

  • Donate a one-of-a-kind rain barrel to a local school garden
  • Plan a Kids Day of Service to further beautify the garden
  • Clean garden beds, plant seeds, and paint benches
  • Kids who need a break from the garden can decorate flower pots and garden stakes

The Rain Barrel 

North Miami’s GAs decorated a unique rain barrel just for North Miami Elementary School! This beautiful addition serves as a great reminder of WKF’s mission and purpose. It’s also really useful – the rain barrel will save the school an estimated 1,300 gallons of water during high-heat months! This addition to the garden compliments the “Eat a Rainbow Everyday” mural that GAs painted in the garden earlier in the year. 

The Garden 

The store’s Kids Day of Service used the theme “Planting Dreams” for their garden beautification project. Vanessa Hassele, Marketing Team Leader, organized this event for over 100 volunteers, including 66 kids!

Volunteers weeded and laid compost to prepare for planting. They sowed seeds and seedlings in the veggie, fruit, and butterfly gardens. Garden beds and benches were sanded and given a fresh coat of paint. Kids decorated garden pots to add lots of bright color to the plot. Students also showed Team Members how to make decorated garden stakes out of repurposed venetian blinds! At the end of the day volunteers sat down together for a salad bar meal.

The Benefits

Community engagement builds relationships between your store and those around you, and supporting a school is great for students, their families, and TMs! A project like North Miami’s also is great for the environment – a benefit for everyone.