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Go Under the Sea with Kids Club

Pikes Peak Store, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Show kids where food comes from with a seafood demonstration
  • Let kids touch whole fish and other sea creatures
  • Have samples of fish for kids to try
  • Make an underwater scene paper plate craft

Station 1 – Seafood 

Lisa Goodwin, Kids Club Event Coordinator, paired with Mike Nisenoff, Seafood Team Leader, to teach kids what seafood looks like before it hits their plates. Mike brought a whole Norwegian Salmon, Mahi Mahi, and an octopus to this event. Kids loved touching the scales and eyes! Mike filleted the smaller fish so the kids could feel the bones on the inside of the fish.

Mike cooked a few fillets before the kids started their crafts and finished cooking while the Club was creating their paper plate ocean scene. After crafts were done, Mike brought back the cooked fish for kids to taste. Make sure your cooking station is set up and working the day before the event so everything runs smoothly. 

Station 2 – Craft

Lisa was sure to separate the fish from the crafts, with a hand washing break in between. The kids created ocean backgrounds by coloring paper plates blue, adding beans for the ocean floor, and gluing on tissue paper seaweed. They colored and cut out fish, and topped off the whole ocean with glitter! This craft could be completed without glitter to avoid the inevitable mess.

The Cost

A huge thanks to Mike for helping with this Kids Club Event and the whole Seafood Department for agreeing to absorb the cost of the fish and cooking supplies, about $150 total! All other materials were left over from other projects except the beans, which cost about $10.

It’s important to discuss the budget for an event like this with department and store leadership. Lisa suggests explaining the importance of being able to touch product, like seafood, and emphasizing how much kids will learn. You can adapt this event to incorporate other departments as well… what a great way to get the whole store involved with WKF fundraising and awareness!

Overall, Lisa spent about 8 hours planning these activities throughout the month before the event.