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“Gregory, the Terrible Eater” & Kids Club Stories

Pikes Peak Store, Colorado Springs, CO & Lamar Store, Austin, TX

  • Use Kids Book Club books as inspiration for Kids Club events
  • Limit event attendance for age appropriateness
  • Plan story time books to relate to upcoming seasons or holidays

“Gregory, the Terrible Eater”

Kids Club Event Coordinator at Pikes Peak, Lisa Goodwin, was inspired to create a cute kids craft by WKF's Kids' Book Club book “Gregory, the Terrible Eater.” Lisa spent 20 minutes setting up, and the event was 40 minutes. It took about 4 hours to plan and prep for this event.

After reading the book, Lisa’s kiddos made "Gregory the Goat" crafts from empty toilet paper rolls donated by TMs. This craft was very simple, so attendance was limited to kids 6 and under. Lisa created a template to outline ears and horns; cotton balls made fluffy beards and hair! Crafters drew on eyes, mouths, and noses. 

Kids who attended loved the book and the craft! Bananas and pretzels made great snacks for story time. This Kids Club event was very low cost – the only expenses were cotton balls and snacks. Using books from your local library and recycling materials from your store keeps costs down.

There is another recommended activity, along with reading tips, for this book here

Spread the Word

At the West Harford store in West Hartford, CT, HES Tia Battiston makes sure everyone knows about story time with adorable signage. Planning for these events is a lot easier when guests have to sign up to attend! 


Other Kids Club Stories

Loren Ellison, Customer Service Specialist at Lamar, holds Story Time each week in her store. Books relate to the time of year, helping kids learn about seasons and holidays. Each book was paired with a craft or other activity to keep kids’ interest.

In April, kids read: