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Grow a School Garden Display in Your Store

Park Lane Store, Dallas, TX

  • Create a school garden display at the front of your store using a desk and plants
  • Include information about WKF next to the “garden”
  • Use near-by signage to encourage visitors to donate at the register

Jennifer Collins, Marketing Team Leader, made a special display to help Park Lane’s customers understand what WKF does by cleverly combining school and garden. Jen placed a desk in the middle of a garden bed filled with both real and illustrated plants. Signage explained WKF’s mission and accomplishments, as well as called for guests to donate at the register.  

Jen also used hanging displays above the store’s doors to remind visitors of WKF as they enter and exit. With displays at various points throughout the store, it is helpful to have signs that direct guests towards the register to make their donations.

Next to your garden, include tid bits that connect guests to WKF and your store’s goals

  • Information on what makes WKF great, such as:
    • 100% of donations directly support WKF
    • Kids with a salad bar at their school eat 3x the veggies and fruits as kids without
    • School gardens combat 6 out of 8 factors that lead to childhood obesity
    • WKF’s Healthy Teachers Program empowers teachers to be the best role models for your kids
    • WFM Team Members at your store have donated over $$$ to WKF through their paychecks. Help grow these funds!
    • ##% of Team Members at this store give to WKF from their paychecks. That’s how much we believe in growing healthy kids!
  • Schools in your community who have received grants from WKF (These schools can be found here)
  • Schools with whom you’re starting relationships
  • Your store’s fundraising goal and current donation status