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Healthy Snack Gumball Machine

Whole Foods Market Santa Fe; Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Use signage at the register to educate and increase awareness about WKF.
  • Fill gumball machines with healthy and organic snack options to encourage smart snacking and raise funds.

Display Specifics

Santa Fe bought a candy machine from candymachines.com for $399 + shipping. The unit contained 6-heads—with 5 candy slots (good for small stuff) and 1 head for gumballs (which Santa Fe put organic taffy squares in, but is very versatile). The machine was set to accept payments of 25 cents.

The heads were filled with the following, which could be found in the bulk department: Organic taffy squares, Yogurt raisins, Unsalted raw almonds, Organic Jellybeans, Sundrops (like M&Ms), and Natural Choc Covered Mints.

That unit made almost $100 over 3 weeks! That's about as good as an average cashier.


  • Use unsalted nuts and avoid granola or anything crumbly that could clog the machine
  • When the promo consider converting the machine into a free sample dispenser for bulk, an addition to the break room, or just keep it out for customers to donate the Whole Kids every month!
  • And always remember—the healthier the snacks the better!