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Host a Class to Help Parents Grow Healthy Kids

Metcalf Store, Overland Park, Kansas

  • Partner with a community wellness center to promote kids' health
  • Set up an exhibit in the center’s lobby with tips on growing healthy kids
  • Teach parents nutritious ways to feed their kids in a HTP-style class

The Metcalf store partnered with Live Blue Kansas City to promote kids' health and wellness with a great display, as well as 2 classes on kids' nutrition. Live Blue Kansas City is a community health and wellness center sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The center hosts almost 80 health and wellness classes per month, with a combined attendance of more than 1,500 people!

Kids' Nutritional Wellness Exhibit

Healthy Eating Specialist and Culinary Nutritionist Lisa Markley, along with Graphic Artist Theresa Williams, Store Marketing Specialist Jennifer Matascik, and Store Team Leader Christina Auch, set up a great display to share tips on raising healthy eaters with Live Blue’s guests.

The exhibit covered various topics:

Each section of the display included a handout for Live Blue visitors to take home. View Lisa’s handouts here.

Whole Foods Nutrition for Kids

To go along with the beautiful display, Lisa taught a 2-part class titled Whole Foods Nutrition for Kids. Each session lasted 1.5 hours. 

Part 1 covered the basics of good nutrition for growing kids. In Part 2, parents learned how to get their kids involved in healthy cooking and eating. Parents left the sessions with new tips, ideas, time-saving strategies, and recipes!

Plan Your Own

Lisa’s spent her time:

  • Preliminary planning with BC/BS staff – 2 hours
  • Planning exhibit and classes with GAs and Marketing Team – 6 to 8 hours
  • Setting up exhibit – 1 hour
  • Preparing and executing 2 classes – 6 hours each

Lisa budgeted for handouts, printed materials, and props. There were also costs for cooking demo ingredients, as well as transportation. 

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