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Host Your Local School for a Store “Rainbow” Tour

Tamarac Store, Denver, Colorado

  • Host 1 hour store tours for summer school classes
  • Offer this event to classes of all ages and learning levels
  • Include tastings, demos, nutrition facts, and prizes

Scheduling a Tour

Family Wellness Specialist Traci Carpenter hosted Healthy Eating “Rainbow” Tours of the Tamarac store for summer school classes. Traci adjusted content of the hour-long event to suit students ages 5 through 18, depending on the group. These interactive, educational, and free field trips can be held any time of the year.

Traci asked teachers to schedule a tour in advance by contacting her. Planning time was important to make sure she was prepared for each group’s needs and learning level.

To host tours for WKF School Partners specifically, use our map to locate them. 

Timeline of Tour

Step 1:  Contacting the School

  • Reach out to local schools to invite them into the store for a Rainbow Tour
  • E-mail principal of the school to set up a time to meetHave principal e-mail out your flyer to their staff
  • Present the program at a schools health and wellness meeting

Download example flyer for a rainbow tour here.

Step 2:  Preparing Goodie Bags and Marketing Material for Tour

  • Reach out to favorite vendors asking for product donations for your tours
    • I always represent 2-3 365 products and 3 local and/or non-local vendors
      • Suggested Vendors
        • Seaweed Snacks, Wacky Apple Fruit Leathers, McDougal oatmeal packets, Bobo Bars, Pop Corn, Mama Chia Packets, Veggie Go Gos, Snack Out Loud, Raw Revolution Bars, Sun Butter, Foodie Fuel, Justins Almond Butter Packets, Marys Gone Crackers, 365 raisins, oatmeal, fruit leathers, mini-chocolates, etc.
  • Order Whole Foods branded swag from adwithwit
    • Pencils, pencil sharpeners, water bottles, pencil bags, stickers, etc.
  • Print marketing material
    • Kids Club Punch Card marketing our kids club, Rainbow Smoothie Recipe, Whole Kids 3 Principles of Healthy Eating, Rainbow Chart, Business Card, Whole Deal, Store Calendar, Coupon for free 365 peanut butter and apple if they bring it into our kids club, Whole Kids Better Bites: Eat a Rainbow, Whole Kids Coloring Sheet

Step 3: A few days before your tour

  • Contact teacher to confirm tour
  • Build goodie bags
  • Have a book to read to kids (This settles the kids a bit)
    • Some book options:
      • Little Pea, Eat Lots of Colors, I Will No Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato, The Ugly Vegetable, Vegetable Glue, More book ideas
  • Have a space where you can make the rainbow smoothie and read to the kids
  • Keep in mind that most classes are usually anywhere from 15-30 kids

Step 4: Day of Tour

  • Have apple juice in the fridge so it’s cold
  • Get vitamix and sample cups
  • Cutting board and towels
  • Bowl for compost
  • Bring out goodie bags

Step 5: Give the Tour (this piece will change depending on the age)

  • Meet the school at the front of the store
  • Before entering explain the rules to them while in the store
    • Hands to your side, no running, listening, etc.
  • Gather kids and introduce yourself
  • Read your book
  • Explain what a whole food is and what it means to eat your colors
    • I go through each color and explain some benefits of the foods
  • Take the group to produce and have the kids decide on what they want in their smoothie
    • One kid at a time will choose a food and hold onto it
    • I always choose green and talk about Dino Kale
    • I let the kids pass it around and feel the “skin”
  • Go back to the kitchen and put everything in the blender and talk about each one as you put it in
    • Add cold apple juice and/or cold water
    • Sample out smoothie

*If I have time I take the kids to seafood to learn about fish and to taste the Norwegian salmon ( I have seafood grill some before the tour) or I take the kids to specialty to learn a bit about different cheeses from around the world.  (I have specialty prepare some cheese to sample)

*If the kids are older than 3rd grade, then I will go into the 2 other principles of healthy eating; eat greens first and eat as close to nature as possible.

  • For eat greens first, I will make a simple salad for kids to taste (works well with smaller groups)
    • Mixed greens, snap peas, walnuts, apple juice sweetened cranberries
  • For eat as close to nature as possible we talk about what is a whole food and I show them how much sugar is in a box of raisin bran
    • 1 tsp = 4 grams sugar
    • Then you can go into label reading and hidden sugars

A Tour and More

Visitors were treated to tasting, healthy eating cooking demos, nutrition facts, and prizes at the store! Younger audiences love completing their produce rainbow scavenger hunt sheets. Each student, teacher, and parent took home a goodie bag full of products, healthy eating tips, and info on Tamarac and its upcoming events.