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Kale Yeah!

King Elementary School & Fremont Store, Portland, Oregon

  • Celebrate the fresh produce students are growing with a School Garden Party
  • Center your party on 1 fruit or veggie students love from their garden
  • Have kids rotate through stations to keep them focused and having fun

Good Green Fun

WKF Garden Grant recipient King Elementary School is growing kale, and lots of it, so Marketing and Community Relations Team Leader Erin Rosvold dreamed up an entire garden party inspired by the powerful leafy green.

To find a WKF Garden Grant recipient near your store, search here.

Erin and Brittany Sandoval, Healthy Cooking Coach, traveled to King to host a spectacular garden party. Students were split into groups and each group of students spent 1 hour in the garden. After a quick introduction explaining how AWESOME kale is, how it grows, and what you can do with it, Erin and Brittany got the party started!

Everyone visited 3 hands-on, kale-focused stations:

  • Station 1: Snacks, including lots of kale and treats from our sponsors
  • Station 2: Gardening in the school’s beautiful raised beds
  • Station 3: Painting, using kale and potatoes as brushes to decorate 2 canvases. One of these canvases will stay at King and the other will hang at Fremont!