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Kids Day of Service with WKF

Lamar Store, Austin, TX

  • Organize a Global Kids Day of Service with a local gardening organization
  • Use WKF gardening activities to give younger volunteers a break
  • Pack volunteers a healthy lunch of individual salads

The Trail Foundation

Laura Benold, former Lamar Marketing Team Leader, organized a Global Kids Day of Service so amazing she ended up with a waiting list of more than 100 people! This year, the Lamar store supported the work of The Trail Foundation with their Kids Day of Service. The Trail Foundation helps to preserve the Butler Hike-and-Bike-Trail, a beautiful, lush urban recreation path that sees over 1.5 million visitors a year!

Lamar provided their volunteers with exclusive t-shirts designed by GA Hannah Fenves and a prepackaged salad lunch. Volunteers planted plugs (seeds that have already sprouted and started to grow) and seeds in a large field along the Trail, which will soon be full of flowers and grass!

Kids’ Activities

When kids needed a break, there were lots of activities that helped them learn about gardening and community service. Angie Stokes-Wickersham, Venue Service TM, organized coloring and ScrapKins activities, along with a bean bag toss, to give younger helpers a chance to recharge.  Danny from KIND Healthy Snacks visited volunteers with snacks. He also talked to families about what it means to “Do The KIND Thing.” Every budding volunteer was able to take home a WKF Garden Kit so they can continue to practice gardening at home! 

The Cost

Laura spent 6 hours the day of the event prepping, bringing supplies to the park, setting up, hosting the event, and tearing everything down. Coordinating with The Trail Foundation and otherwise preparing for the event only took 3-5 hours.

All gardening supplies were provided by the Trail Foundation, and WKF provided garden kits and games. The store was responsible for the cost of the pre-packaged salads and water bottles. 

What a great way to kick off Global Volunteer Week Lamar!