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Kids Explore Cultural Cuisine

Arbor Trails Store, Austin, TX

  • Host a series of classes that let kids eat around the world, talking about 1 country or region each week
  • Tour the store, looking for ingredients that are important in other countries and cultures 
  • Explain customs and traditions common in each culture
  • Cook a popular meal from each country or region

There are endless options when you host a series of "Eat Your World" classes, like this one at the Arbor Trails store in Austin, TX. In this class, kids and their families learn about a region of the world, explore their customs & traditions, and partake in an edible Health Starts Here adventure that showcases each culture's cuisine.

Arbor Trails kicked off this event series by visiting Germany and brushing up on some trivia and facts. To tie in Christmas, they discussed the tree decorating tradition and celebrated by making ornaments by drawing a favorite veggie or fruit on a paper plate and recording why they love it - a great, mess-free take home for families.


The class then went on a store field trip to learn about some of the different foods and flavors of Germany and discussing these great tips/facts:

  • Cabbage is very popular in Germany because they use it to make a fermented dish called sauerkraut
  • Sauerkraut is a traditional food that provides your body with great probiotics
  • Whether you dice it up, boil it, fry it, mash it or bake it, potatoes are a must have tuber vegetable
  • Wurst means sausage in German and Germany is known for making over 1500 different styles of Wursts!
  • Spice up any dish with sweet, spicy and mild German mustard
  • Can you say Pumpernickel 5 times without jumbling up the words?

That worked up quite an appetite! The group made spiced cider, practicing safety with knives and studying the indgredients' aroma, texture and flavor. They also made pumpernickel bread with warm sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, fresh dill and German mustard. These little chefs learned a ton.