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Learning Crafts from Your Whole Kids Club

Park Lane Store, Dallas, TX

“An Orange in January”

After reading Kids Book Club book “An Orange in January” kids got to work creating their own orange trees, with the help of Marketing Team Leader Jennifer Collins. This craft only uses construction paper and glue sticks, making it an ideal activity for big groups, young kids, and busy families.

“Growing Vegetable Soup”

Whole Kids Club at Park Lane also read “Growing Vegetable Soup” and kids “grew” their own garden out of paper. To make a garden cross section, Jennifer used 3 strips of paper. When veggies were added it looked like they were growing out of the ground!

“Sneezy the Snowman”

Cash-up Dee Connors hosted another January-themed story time at Whole Kids Club with “Sneezy the Snowman.” Kids got involved by making snow globes out of paper plates and plastic lids. Everyone colored their paper plates before adding “snow,” a lid, and a ribbon to hang their snow globe from.