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Let the “Cost of a Garden Grant” Inspire Donations

Veterans Store, Metairie, LA

  • Show guests the difference their donation makes, whether it’s $2, $5, or $10
  • Help guests connect their donation to the work of WKF
  • Provide a handout with info about your store’s events, WKF programs, and local WKF school partners


To raise awareness and funds for Whole Kids Foundation Marketing Team Leader Nicole Poirier organized a “Cost of a Garden” display that duplicated our “Cost of a Garden” poster. The display was a perfect replica that helped bring guest donations to life. Guests are much more willing to donate when they know that 100% of donations support WKF programs. Their $2 donation at the register directly buys $2 worth of seeds, and $3 buys a hand trowel.

A calendar of events and information sheets for curious shoppers were placed alongside the garden display.

This display makes a huge impact in your store, and it only took Nicole’s team a few hours! The Marketing Team planned the display, requested permission to use the entryway space, and ordered supplies they didn’t already have. Nicole placed a request for the chalk sign with Veterans’ chalk artist. After supplies arrived, all that was left to do was set up!

Props cost approximately $40, while soil cost $60. However, Nicole learned she could have cut costs by creating a false bottom in the display and having a thin layer of soil on top. 


This display served as a centerpiece to all the events Nicole and her team hosted, including:

  • Salad bowl decorating
  • "Eat the Rainbow" activities
  • Kids Day of Service
  • 2 "Poppin’ Corn for Kids" days
  • Whole Kids Carnival

All the proceeds from these events benefited WKF! Way to grow healthy kids Veterans!