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Local Art Silent Auction

Whole Foods Market Sacramento; Sacramento, CA

Planning for the Art Auction

  • Promote opportunities to submit art pieces for the auction to customers, Team Members, and applicable community partners 4-6 weeks prior to the Art Auction going live.
    • Promotion can include large outdoor signage at the front of the store, bag stuffers, social media posts, and email outreach to community partners.
  • Encourage customers to submit art pieces at the counter with an info sheet that includes their name, contact info, medium used for the artwork, and estimated value. Meet with the Customer Service team to ensure they are aware of the event and that customers will be submitting art pieces at the Customer Service counter until the auction goes live.
  • The morning of the event, MTL and Customer Service teams should work together to set up the art display at the front of the store.
  • Place a bid sheet next to each piece of art with a minimum starting bid and minimum increments listed.
  • At the end of the art auction, the Customer Service team takes the lead on contacting the winning bidders and processing their payments as donations into the WPF PLU when they come to pick up the artwork.


  • Art Auction supplies, including small easel stands and clip boards for bid sheets, cost ~$27
  • WKF Display materials, including colorful frames for WKF fact sheets, garden trowels, colorful pots, and deck screws to construct the recycled pallet backdrop, cost ~$150


  • Planning and building a WKF display—15 hours
  • Art Auction planning and execution—10 hours


In the first two days of auction, the store made over $200!


  • Start the planning process early and get your customer service team involved with helping to execute events and displays.
  • Communicate to Store Leadership and product teams regarding merchandising, displays, and events so everyone is in the loop.
  • A few well-executed tactics and events are better than a bunch of smaller, less impactful initiatives!

Other Silent Auction Successes:

Whole Foods Market in Sacramento, CA also held a silent auction to benefit that Whole Kids Foundation. All art entries were donated by our customers and Team Members one month leading up to the kickoff of the fundraising campaign which was a great way to raise awareness in the community about the mission of WKF.

In total the store had over 25 art pieces donated (including many by local kids) to the cause which were displayed throughout the campaign period at the front of the store.   

Labor Hours Invested: 5 total (1 hour to contact art auction winners, 4 hours for setup and takedown)
Materials Cost: $20 for clip boards
Total Raised: $1,353