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Mini Plantable Gardens

Ideal Market; Boulder, CO

Event Overview

Ideal Market’s Marketing Specialist, Seliena Sena, set out to think outside of the box in figuring out a way to reinforce the great work WKF is doing—growing healthy kids through providing grants for school gardens and salad bars. She found the perfect way to convey this message with mini plantable gardens! These gardens provide customers with the opportunity to plant a garden, regardless of the size of their space, as well as reap the benefits sown from its growth.

Resources Cost

The garden consisted of:
Large Bag of Organic Soil: (approx. $10). Less than ½ the bag was needed, but the team could only find a large bag of organic soil to purchase.
20 Terracotta Pots: $1.00 each
Chalk Paint: $8-$10
20 Chalk Markers: $52.10 (this was the most expensive item. Ideal Market ordered them from the same vendor they order their chalk markers, so they could be less expensive through another vendor).
60 Seed Packets: $0. Seliena secured a donation from Botanical Interests (one of the store’s seed vendors).

TOTAL COST: $82.10 (Each mini garden was sold for $10)


  • Creating the mini plantable gardens should take around 3-4 hours, mainly spent on painting the pots.


  • If the seeds are “organic,” ensure the soil and any additional components effecting the growth of the food are organic
  • Perform a marker/chalk test on one of the pots when it is dry to ensure the surface and marker/chalk work.