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Multi-Team Participation Pop-Up

Whole Foods Market Hyannis; Hyannis, MA

Hyannis marketing Team Leader, Courtney Wittenstein, held a collaborative pop-up event benefitting WKF in which each team was responsible for coming up with a product to sell.  The team sold burgers on the grill, surimi salad sandwiches, chicken salad and tuna salad sliders, gourmet grilled cheese, chia berry pudding, blueberry pie, chips and drinks. 

It was a hit—the store raised over $500 in two hours for Whole Kids Foundation!

Planning Steps

  • Meet with your customer service team leader to discuss plans for fundraising efforts.
  • Require each team to come up with something to sell for lunchtime shoppers (most stores’ busiest time of the day). 
  • Make sure you get every team involved!  It’s impactful and it gives customers options.  There was something for everyone!

Event Promotion

  • Spread the word about the pop-up event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • Put the event on your monthly calendar online and add it to printed calendars.
  • Sent out a press release on the event. 
  • Grap the customers' attention by setting up outside of the store entrance

Cost and Labor

  • The popup cost about $250 total, with most expenses going to ingredients. Don’t Forget: It’s always great to ask suppliers to donate product for fundraising events!
  • Prep for this event took one hour to set up.


  • Find a time when your store is busy to do it.  Lunchtime is Hyannis’s peak time!
  • Make sure whomever is representing the team is educated on WKF because customers will want to know more about the foundation.  Hyannis provided WKF brochures and had WKF signs set up.