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Paint an “Eat a Rainbow” Mural

Park Lane Store, Dallas, TX

  • Visit a local elementary school to talk about making healthy choices
  • Bring a large “Eat a Rainbow” mural for students to complete
  • Help students display the mural in their cafeteria, inspiring them to eat healthy every day
  • A great idea for a Team Member Volunteer Week or Team Build activity

Healthy Choices

When Marketing Team Leader Jennifer Collins and other Park Lane TMs visited a local elementary school, they brought a mural for the school cafeteria. You can find your local WKF partner schools here

The most important prep work is receiving the approval of the school district and school principal. Before the event, Jennifer visited the school to speak with the principal and measure the space where the mural would go. TMs spent about 2 hours cutting the plywood down to size and priming it. Lead GA Rob Izumi drew out an amazing “Eat a Rainbow” mural on 3 large pieces of wood to fit in the space, which took about 3 hours.

On the day of the event, Jen talked to 3rd and 4th grade students about the importance of eating a rainbow of colors and the students discussed their favorite healthy foods. The mural not only excited the kids but made the conversation around healthy eating easier.

Painting the Mural

With the help of the school’s art teacher, Art Director, and Park Lane’s GAs, students learned about creating a mural. As the kids painted, store Team Members kept up the conversation about eating a rainbow and other healthy choices. The painting took place in 2 sections to make the event run more smoothly, and each group spent an hour total learning and painting. All of the students worked together beautifully to create a true work of art!

After the painting was done, Jen handed out lots of WKF goodies, such as pencils, stickers, and activity sheets. This takes the conversation about healthy choices from school to home! WKF also has hands-on activities here.

Event Feedback

After the kids finished up, the GAs added some finishing touches, which took about an hour, to make a lasting piece of art for the school. Keeping the art in 3 pieces until the end let kids spread out across the room for more access to the mural.

The art teacher provided paints and brushes, so Park Lane did not have to pay for these supplies. The 3 sheets of plywood were $30 each.

This beautiful art work will hang in the school cafeteria, inspiring healthy choices, for many years to come! Park Lane’s team worked hard to bring WKF’s mission and purpose into schools we cannot reach on our own.