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Partner with Grant Recipients to Grow Beautiful Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens Store, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  • Host a Kids Day of Service with a nearby WKF Garden Grant recipient
  • Beautify garden beds, using extra hands to get lots of work done!
  • Provide activities for all levels of physical ability – swap gardening for less strenuous labor like sandwich prep

The Palm Beach Gardens store is using events like Kids Day of Service to provide continuing support to the nearby Bright Futures Academy Charter School, a WKF Garden Grant recipient. Find grant recipients in your community here. Over 100 volunteers, ages 2 to 65, gathered to spend a day beautifying the garden! This wonderful day was planned by Brenna Bertram, Marketing and Community Relations Team Leader.

Garden Crew

The majority of volunteers spent the day in the garden, weeding and turning soil. Fifteen raised beds received a fresh coat of paint, thanks to a donation from Sherwin Williams.  Volunteers also painted markers for the garden’s many varieties of fruits and veggies.

Project Hunger Crew

Those who wanted to stay out of the bright Florida sun spent the day assembling 250 sandwiches for Faith Farms, a local food pantry. Many TMs might not have the ability to participate in physically demanding tasks like gardening. It’s great to provide these people a different opportunity to participate!

Sharing a Meal

Volunteers ended their day gathered together around a beautiful rainbow salad bar. Palm Beach Garden’s Prepared Foods Team also made tofu and chicken salads for volunteers to enjoy.