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Plant, Harvest, Party, Repeat!

Belmont Day School & Fresh Pond Store, Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Be flexible with your School Garden Party date – a day in May worked out great for this school and store
  • Kids of all ages can help plant and harvest in different ways
  • Provide healthy snacks to hard-working gardeners


Martyna Bloom, Culinary Demo Specialist, and Shannon Taylor, Healthy Eating Specialist, visited Belmont Day School to celebrate the school’s beautiful garden with students, teachers, and parents. Find a WKF Garden Grant recipient near your store here. This party was held in May, the perfect time to plant summer produce in New England. A variety of squash were planted and, after the ground was prepped, pre-k students helped plant potatoes. 


Veggies and greens planted in the early spring were ready to be harvested, so a team from Home Harvest helped guide all the kids and volunteers. Over 50 pounds of organic spinach, arugula, and lettuce were gathered from the garden! The students put their entrepreneurial skills to work, selling bags of produce for $4 each.


Gardeners big and small worked up an appetite with all their planting and harvesting! Thanks to WKF’s sponsors, everyone ended the day filling up with nutritious snacks. Kids also grabbed activities from WKF, Organic Valley, and Cascadian Farm to take home.