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Produce Department Scavenger Hunt

Willowbrook Store, Willowbrook, IL

  • Host a rainbow scavenger hunt with a yummy pot o’ gold at the end
  • Use clues to help kids navigate the produce department
  • Have coloring sheets and Better Bites handouts for kids to take home, along with info about Kids Club

Hunting for the Rainbow

Kids loved searching for a rainbow of fruits and veggies at Willowbrook’s Pot O’ Gold Scavenger Hunt, organized by Amy Caruso, Marketing and Community Relations Specialist. Clues pointed kids to a fruit or veggie for each color of the rainbow. The best part of the hunt was the treat at the end – a “pot” of peppers, cauliflower, and guacamole.

Amy found that having extra Team Members to assist kids is helpful if parents are crunched for time and need to get their shopping done during the scavenger hunt. It was also useful start groups of kids at different clues – this way there is not 1 big group following each other to the next clue. 

When kids finished the scavenger hunt they took home a coloring sheet and Better Bites handouts with tips for bringing more rainbows to the dinner table. You can also include info about upcoming Kids Club and store events.

Kiddos returned their coloring sheet to be entered into a coloring contest. The lucky winner received a small reusable bag filled with a rainbow of produce! This is a great way to get families to return to your store. The bag and veggies were the only cost for this activity; everything else was created in-house!

Host Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Here are the clues Amy used to lead her kids around the store:

  • Red: I am a bright red fruit that tastes super sweat, and I can be picked from a plant when ready to eat.
  • Orange: I am an orange veggie that starts with a “C”; I’m crunchy yet tasty and bunnies like to eat me!
  • Yellow: I am a crisp yellow vegetable with lots of vitamin C; some kids dip me in dressing before eating me!
  • Green: I’m a dark leafy green vegetable that starts with a “K,” and I can be made into a salad every day.
  • Blue: I’m high in fiber and a dark blue berry; I contain more antioxidants than a cherry!
  • Indigo: I’m a purple skinned veggie that starts with an “E,” baked, sautéed, and grilled are a few ways to enjoy me!
  • Pot of Gold: Good job! You made it to the end of the rainbow. You are only one clue away from finding your pot o’ gold! Here’s your last clue: A rainbow inside a pot o’ gold is what you’re searching for, it’s a really yummy treasure that you’ll see here in the store!

Event Feedback

Amy received tons of positive feedback from parents and kids! Families wondered if events like this happened all the time, which is a great opportunity to talk up your store’s Kids Club.

In the future, Amy will be using this activity for young Boy and Girl Scout Troop tours, with a fruit kabob activity at the end.