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Serve Dinner with a Pop-Up Shop

Waterman Street & University Heights Stores, Providence, RI

  • Promote healthy eating with a pop-up shop in your store
  • Serve a healthy meal, like veggie burgers or hummus wraps, for a donation to WKF
  • Provide guests with information on WKF using displays around the shop

Event Specifics

Jen Karmon from the Waterman Street store and Jen Goff from the University Heights store worked hard to bring together not one, but two fundraisers that raised $180! Both stores not only sold out of burgers, but also raised awareness for WKF.

For a $5 donation, customers enjoyed nutritious veggie burgers, topped with avocado relish, lettuce, and HSH chipotle ketchup. The sandwiches were served with a side of HSH sweet potato fries. The Jens found that college kids were really appreciative of a quick, healthy, and delicious meal for a small donation benefitting a good cause.

Event Visuals

While customers waited they explored a beautiful WKF display created by Jen Goff. These visuals can talk about what makes WKF great, as well as show where salad bars and gardens are located in your community, to help guests recognize the real impact of WKF’s work. That way, guests are more willing to support us in growing healthy kids! These visuals can be updated to provide information throughout your store on a daily basis and at future events. 

For your event, information that may be useful to display includes:

  • Information on what makes WKF great, such as:
    • 100% of donations directly support WKF
    • Kids with a salad bar at their school eat 3x the veggies and fruits as kids without
    • School gardens combat 6 out of 8 factors that lead to childhood obesity
    • WKF’s Healthy Teachers Program empowers teachers to be the best role models for your kids
    • WFM Team Members at your store have donated over $$$ to WKF through their paychecks. Help grow these funds!
    • ##% of Team Members at this store give to WKF from their paychecks. That’s how much we believe in growing healthy kids!
    • Schools in your community who have received grants from WKF (These schools can be found here)
  • Schools with whom you’re starting relationships
  • Your store’s fundraising goal and current donation status
  • Other information that will help connect guests to WKF and your store’s goals

Event Promotion

This event was promoted through social media by the stores’ Marketing Team Leaders, Chelsey Barton and Bonnie Combs. Cashiers were able increase attendance by pointing guests towards the pop-up shop.

Event Planning

Overall, the pop-ups took about 6 hours each for this team, including all prep and the demo. Teaming up with other stores’ Team Members allows for collaboration and division of tasks. To plan your own pop-up shop:

  • Choose a date that works for all stores involved
  • Plan a menu & cost out ingredients (This event’s only costs were the ingredients!)
  • Divide tasks & get to it!