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Show Guests What Their Donations Do – Map Local WKF Grants

Woodway Store, Houston, TX

  • Create a map to show where gardens are located throughout your city
  • Inform guests about WKF’s 3 programs throughout the store
  • Share informational tid-bits that connect guests to WKF’s mission

Pointing out where gardens and salad bars have been granted locally connects guests to Whole Kids Foundation and shows them what their donations can do! The Woodway store created a map of the Houston metro area that showed both garden and store locations. For more impact, you could also add salad bar locations to your map. Thank you to Lisa HoLung and all the talented TMs who dreamed up this idea and made it happen!

Including WKF decorations all over the store, not just near the registers, allows shoppers to see the information multiple times before being asked to donate. Lisa and her team placed displays on napkin holders, around counters, and within product displays at the store. Include key facts about our programs to connect visitors to WKF and help guests understand where their donations go. 

What to Include in Your Displays

  • Information on what makes WKF great, such as:
    • 100% of donations directly support WKF
    • Kids with a salad bar at their school eat 3x the veggies and fruits as kids without
    • School gardens combat 6 out of 8 factors that lead to childhood obesity
    • WKF’s Healthy Teachers Program empowers teachers to be the best role models for your kids
    • WFM Team Members at your store have donated over $$$ to WKF through their paychecks. Help grow these funds!
    • ##% of Team Members at this store give to WKF from their paychecks. That’s how much we believe in growing healthy kids!
  • Schools in your community who have received grants from WKF (These schools can be found here)
  • Schools with whom you’re starting relationships
  • Your store’s fundraising goal and current donation status
  • Other information that will help connect guests to WKF and your store’s goals