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Sporting Goods Raffle

Whole Foods Market Wilmington, Wilmingto, NC; Arden Whole Foods Market, Sacramento, CA

  • Raise funds for WKF by raffling off a prize donated from a local business.
  • Educate shoppers about WKF with signage.
  • Merchandise the display with Growing Healthy Kids brands, like Annie’s and Cascadian Farm

Every community has organization that support kids’ nutrition! Find community partners in your area, and give them plenty of advance notice to facilitate the most successful collaboration. Connecting with local businesses forms a deep relationship between Whole Foods Market, the foundation, and the community!

Kayak Raffle

Whole Foods Market Wilmington secured the donation of a kayak from Great Outdoor Provisions, and raffled off tickets to win! Tickets were sold at registers at 1 for $3 and 2 for $5. 

Event Promotion

Events like this can be promoted through social media and store displays.
In promotion of and at the event, information that may be useful to display includes information on what makes WKF great, like:

  • 100% of donates directly support WKF
  • Kids with a salad bar at their school eat 3x the veggies and fruits as kids without
  • School gardens combat 6 out of 8 factors that lead to childhood obesity
  • WKF’s Healthy Teachers Program empowers teachers to be the best role model for your kids
  • WKF Team Members at your store have donated over $$$ to WKF through their paychecks. Help grow these funds!
  • ###% of Team Members at this store give to WKF from their paychekcs. That’s how much we believe in growing healthy kids!
  • Schools in your community who have received grants from WKF (These schools can be found here).
  • Schools with whom you’re starting a relationship
  • Your store’s fundraising goal and current donation status
  • Other information that will help connect guests to WKF and your store’s goals

REI Tent Raffle

Whole Foods Marekt Arden reached out to their local REI store and was able to secure a donated family-sized tent (over $350 value) in support of WKF.

The store set up the tent in the front of the store and sold raffle tickets to customers (one for $3 or two for $5) to enter to win the tent. Next to the tent display, Arden also incorporated signage to highlight local schools that had received WKF grants in 2015 as well as a barometer to show customers how much our store had fundraised throughout this year’s campaign.

Labor Hours Invested: 1.5 total (setup and takedown of tent)
Materials Cost: $0 - tent was 100% donated!!  
Total Raised: $1,025 in raffle ticket sales