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Store Garden Shows It’s Easy to Get Growing

Monterey Store, Monterey, CA

Whole Foods Market Monterey is so committed to growing healthy kids that they planted a garden right in front of the store.  Cody Compau, Store Marketing Team Leader, and Kelli Takikawa, STL, sought permission from the landlord to beautify a landscape bed that is directly in front of the store.  

Cody says, “You wouldn’t believe the amount of curiosity and interest we’ve received from customers during the garden’s creation. Everyday we’re out there tending to it we end up talking to a handful of intrigued customers.  To date, I’ve heard from 5 customers who have already gone home and made a garden of their own. Our main objective is to help educate and inspire our community and local schools on the importance of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. We are proud to watch it grow and enjoy seeing the smiles it brings to our guests as they share in our experience.”

Step 1:  Find the right spot, you need a little sun.  Get permission.

Step 2:  Design can be a simple square.  If you need help, invite a community master gardener to assist.

Step 3:  Get building, or you can buy prefab beds or use other containers.

Step 4:  Plant, water & grow!

Gardens create community.  Ask your local hardware store to donate lumber and nursery to assist with soil.

Monterey’s first planting includes dinosaur kale, mixed lettuce, parsley, cilantro, snap peas, flowers, swiss chard, and strawberries.

Monterey spent under $500 on materials (lumber, hardware, garden supplies, plants and labor.  Their soil was donated.