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Sustainable Fun

Crabapple Middle School & Alpharetta Harry’s, Roswell, Georgia

  • Throw a sustainability themed Garden Party for a middle or high school WKF Garden Grant recipient – find one nearby here
  • Invite local organizations to present topics along your theme
  • Spend the afternoon watching a documentary and allow time for kids to discuss their day

Healthy Eating Specialist Tim Martin planned a garden party so great, not even 6th graders could roll their eyes. The theme of the day was sustainability, on a local and global scale.

The Morning

Sixth graders at Crabapple Middle School were divided into groups of 20, mixing the homerooms together. The morning was spent visiting exhibits around the school, inside and out, in these groups. Each station lasted 20 minutes.

Some highlights include:

  • Activities provided by Alpharetta
    • “This Becomes That” recycling program
    • “The Race to Zero Waste” relay with prizes from our sponsors
    • Compost bin build, using re-purposed pallets, for the school’s garden
    • Planting summer crops
    • Cafeteria trash audit
  • Activities provided by local organizations
  • Activities provided by local businesses
    • Farmer Billy explained how compost works for different crops
    • Hybrid vehicles from the local Honda dealership
    • Vermiculture presentation
    • Discussion on the plight of bees

One of our supplier partners has a special connection to Crabapple Middle School. Roots’ Matt Parris is an alum, and he sent his parents to help out at this special Garden Party.

The Afternoon

After an exciting morning, students were ready for a break and everyone gathered in the gym to watch a documentary about creating a sustainable future. At the end of the day, students rejoined their homerooms to share experiences from each exhibit. This was a great way to compensate for students not being able to visit every station themselves.