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Tractor Trailer Display and Raffle

Whole Foods Market Santa Fe; Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Create a farm or garden-themed display.
  • Educate shoppers about WKF with banner signage.
  • Raise funds for WKF by raffling off the displayed item. 
  • Merchandise the display with Growing Healthy Kids brands, like Annie’s and Cascadian Farm. 

The Santa Fe store, under the lead of Marketing Team Leader Benji Fitts, purchased a small John Deere tractor on Amazon for $249 and sold $602 in raffle tickets benefitting WKF.

Raffle and Display Specifics

  • The store paid $249 for the tractor from Amazon, and had prime shipping (free)
    • Fun fact: the tractor goes up to 4.5 mph! Whoa!
  • The truck came disassembled; it took about 1.5 hrs to build.
  • Team Members decorated the hood and the rear of the seat with WKF decals
  • Benji only used some of the decals included in the box—as not to detract from the WKF brand—but included branded items not used in the box to give to the winner.
  • Signs were placed at each register promoting the sale of the $2 raffle tickets.

By the end of the campaign, the store had made $602 in raffle ticket sales, beating the goal of $500!


  • Get a team member to pick the raffle winner. The store let a young girl who was shopping with her mom pick the winning ticket, and Benji, unfortunatily, had to inform her that she was picking the winner, not the prizewinner herself.