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Train Teachers in Half the Time

Princeton Store, Princeton, NJ

  • Cut down a 2 hour class to 1 hour to accommodate teachers’ school schedules
  • Reduce the number of items demonstrated
  • Portion samples into 2 ounce cups with lids before the class

Aly Luning, Healthy Eating Specialist, taught a condensed WKF Healthy Teachers Class to staff at Dutch Neck Elementary School in West Windsor, NJ to fit into their 1 hour faculty meeting. Aly and her helpers made the most out of the time they had!

Time-Saving Techniques

To put on a concise, effective class Aly planned each element carefully. It’s important to check with the school to see if they have a projector, outlets, tables, and storage you can use. She reached out to responsible team players Valerie Paparazzo, Demo Specialist, and Catrice Joseph-Hart, Marketing, Customer Service, and Demo Team Member, for support at the event. Planning how these TMs would help before, during, and after the event helped the class run smoothly.

The number of items demonstrated was reduced and samples were pre-portioned into 2 ounce cups with lids before arriving at the school. Green smoothies were the exception, as they were premade but not poured into cups until the team got to Dutch Neck Elementary.

All the samples were set up with food “utensils” before the teachers sat down for their surprise meeting. Valerie and Catrice passed out samples while Aly demonstrated cooking techniques. The Bowl of Goodness did not have a sample to pass out, but teachers were invited to try it after the presentation if they wanted to. 

Packing effectively, using bus buckets or other containers, is very helpful and can save transportation time and costs. Aly suggests:

  • Bus bucket 1: Equipment (blenders, surge protectors, bowls, spoons, cutting boards, knife, rags, food processor)
  • Bus bucket 2: Paper goods (table cloth, napkins, sample cups, handouts, recipes, packets)
  • Bus bucket 3: Dry stock (spices, onions, garlic, beans)
  • Bus bucket 4: Produce
  • Bag: Flash drive with presentation and personal items


  1. Welcome, introduction
  2. Demo & samples: green smoothies
  3. Presentation
  4. Demo: steam frying
  5. Presentation
  6. Samples: Asian bean dip
  7. Demo & samples: hummus
  8. Demo: no-oil balsamic
  9. Presentation
  10. Demo: Bowl of Goodness
  11. Presentation
  12. Demo & samples: chocolate pudding
  13. Wrap-up, conclusion, questions, thank you

Overall, Aly spent about 2 hours planning and 6 hours preparing food, including shopping and packaging samples. Organizing transportation took 30 to 60 minutes. The day before the event, Aly dropped off materials at Dutch Neck Elementary. Set up the day of the event took 1 hour, the event was 1 hour, and clean-up was 30 minutes.

The event and materials cost between $150 and $200 total.

The best way to train Healthy Teachers is with a full-length class. This allows time for detailed lessons and lots of questions. The abbreviated, 1 hour class works in a pinch and can be used when necessary!