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Visualize & Track Donations with Carrots!

Greenville Store, Greenville, SC

  • Track donations with a cute carrot-o-meter (or other cute veggies)
  • “Grow” cut-out carrots in window boxes as people donate
  • Explain the cost of a school salad bar near your store’s salad bar
  • Organize a popcorn pop-up with fun toppings to raise additional funds

Donation Trackers

Keri Moore, Marketing Team Leader at Greenville, has created great ideas for tracking donations in her store! The store’s carrot-o-meter lets both guests and TMs know how much has been raised toward their goal during their WKF campaign. Donations make the carrot grow, just like donations make school gardens possible. 

Greenville also used carrots to track individual donations. When guests make a $5 donation, they can put their name on a carrot which gets added to window-box “gardens” at the front of the store. Customer Service TMs built these boxes from upcycled pallets and filled them with leftover gift basket “grass.” These boxes will be full of carrots by the end of your fundraiser!

In-Store Fundraisers

Keri placed signage around the store’s salad bar to encourage guests to think about how much a school salad bar costs and helping them relate to WKF’s mission. Greenville also organized a popcorn pop-up with a variety of nutritious toppings for a healthy fundraiser.

These decorations and fundraisers helped Greenville reach their fundraising goal, and really expressed how much WKF means to them and their guests!