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School Garden Farmer's Market

Virginia Beach Store, Virginia Beach, VA

Host a farmer's market with a school garden's harvest and drive traffic to your store.

Students from Alanton & Cooke Elementary School were welcomed by the Virginia Beach Whole Foods Market to sell their greens and kale creating the first "Whole Kids Farmer's Market." The store set up the table and the kids took it from there! They brought, packaged and priced the products themselves. With some simple, strategic communication in advance of the event, they recieved lots of traffic and sold out of kale in less than 90 minutes. The kids earned $80 profit from the event and plan to use it towards... you guessed it... more gardening supplies! 

This event required the following resources:

  • Planning: Promotion in the elementary schools' email newsletters, store social media promotion, day-of logistics
  • Cost: Table set-up materials, minimal posters
  • Labor: Team member supervision, execution of social media posts, any additional marketing efforts
  • Drive Traffic: The Facebook post got 34 likes and 3,400 views in under 3 hours and increased foot traffic at the store was noticeable. 
  • Dollars Raised: $80 toward more seeds and plants, along with great community awareness

Why it worked:

This event was successful because it was the perfect venue to celebrate the fruitful rewards of Whole Kids Foundation School Gardens. The awareness generated in advance of the event, using newsletters and social media, helped drive traffic to the event and spread awareness of the community partnership. 

Key elements to replicate this event:

School participation/passion is essential to help spread awareness about the event. A press release announcing the event may be appropriate to help drive traffic to your store. You provide the set up and the kids take it from there!