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WKF Storytelling Toolkit – Gardens

  • Add gardens to your store to bring WKF’s mission to life
  • Grow (almost) mess-free plants in a tower garden that saves space
  • Convert any container you can think of into a garden
  • Create simple, removable garden beds in your store

Whole Kids Foundation had the chance to decorate, so we created displays with YOU in mind. Everything we built for Tribal Gathering 2014 can be recreated in your store to celebrate WKF during our campaign and all year round!

Tower Gardens

Tower gardens are a great low-mess way to add a garden to your store! These beautiful hydroponic gardens can be installed anywhere with 2 standard electrical outlets. For an additional “wow-factor,” we displayed our tower gardens with light kits.

You can order tower gardens here and ask your store’s Produce Team Leader or a local hydroponic supplier for supplies. If a few ambitious TMs want to try their hand at a DIY version, check out this tutorial. What a great hands-on Team Build or TM Volunteer Week activity!

What you need:

Upcycled Gardens

Just about any container from your store can be upcycled into a garden – we used lots of leftover pallets; shopping carts and reusable bags make great gardens too. For an extra eye-catching display, we painted our pallets a rainbow of bright colors.

What you need:

  • Container
  • Soil
  • Seeds or seedlings

Planted Beds

It’s easy to add a permanent-looking garden bed to your store décor! Follow these simple steps to get growing:

  • Construct a garden bed or 2 out of leftover pallets
  • Line the bottom of your garden bed with plastic and staple it to the bed’s edges
  • To reduce the amount of soil necessary, add a filler to the bottom of the bed, such as paper or straw
  • Nestle potted plants into the filler
  • Use soil to cover the filler and the tops of the pots

Adding garden markers to communicate WKF’s mission and values helps explain the purpose of your display, which expands the reach and impact of WKF! Consider messages like: “Connect to the roots of your food,” “Gardening kids are active kids,” and “Learn. Eat. Play.”

What you need:

  • Pallets or other wood
  • Plastic liner
  • Staple gun
  • Filler, such as paper or straw
  • Potted plants
  • Soil