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WKF Storytelling Toolkit – Salad Bar

  • Purchase a WKF salad bar to show guests what their donations achieve in schools
  • Display information about school salad bars and WKF
  • Fill the salad bar with WKF goodies (order here)
  • Donate your salad bar display to a local school!

Whole Kids Foundation had the chance to decorate, so we created displays with YOU in mind. Everything we built for Tribal Gathering 2014 can be recreated in your store to celebrate WKF during our campaign and all year round!

A School Salad Bar

Place a real salad bar in your store to show customers exactly what WKF provides to their grant recipients. Using a salad bar as a display will need explanation, and is a perfect spot to include information on WKF, such as:

  • Kids with a salad bar at their school eat 3x the veggies and fruits as kids without
  • 100% of donations directly support WKF
  • Team Members at your store have donated over $$$ to WKF through their paychecks
  • ##% of Team Members at your store give to WKF from their paychecks
  • Schools in your community who have received grants from WKF (These schools can be found here)
  • Your store’s fundraising goal and current donation status

Full of Goodies

A salad bar uses both small and large pans – perfect for filling with WKF goodies like stickers (order here), seeds, and brochures (find all marketing materials here), as well as info about your store’s upcoming events. You could also include apples or other fresh fruit!

A Generous Donation

This is not an inexpensive display for your store... about $2,800 with shipping. What if you donated the salad bar to a local school when your store was done with it? That would be a powerful story to tell on a sign above the salad bar!

This and other information can be displayed using a plexi sign topper. To order a salad bar and plexi sign topper, contact Jane.Johnson@wholefoods.com.

What You Need

  • Salad bar – contact Jane.Johnson@wholefoods.com
  • Plexi sign topper – contact Jane.Johnson@wholefoods.com
  • WKF swag
  • Other items to fill your salad bar – store info, fresh produce, etc.