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WKF Super Kids Toolkit!

Download full toolkit here and all print files here

Whole Kids Foundation depends on donations from individuals and companies to do the good work we do. Any chance you have to turn your event into a fund raiser for Whole Kids Foundation helps further our mission! Think about ways you can charge reasonable fees for parts of your event ($5 for a photo from your Super Veggies photo booth, for example) ... every penny counts! 

This fall we are focused on kids making super choices about the foods they eat, that’s what makes them Super Kids! In our world, chefs and gardeners are the real Super Heroes, and this is the spirit we want to bring to this Super Hero program.

We hope this toolkit provides some ideas, tools and easy-to-execute event ideas for your store. 

Super Hero Cape and Mask

Make your own cape and mask from an old t-shirt.


- Old T-Shirts
- Kids can bring their own or store can supply.
Hold a Team Member t-shirt drive or call your local Goodwill or Savers to see if they have extras.
Paint, fabricscraps, glue, markers, paint pens, etc. to decorate cape
- Print out a copy of Veggie Drawings Sheet (use to design your own Veggie Super Hero symbol)
            File available on Whole Kids Foundation SharePoint!


STEP 1: On the BACK of the t-shirt, cut a straight line from the bottom hem to the shoulder.
STEP 2: Separate t-shirt back and front and lay flat. Cut a curved line following the collar of the t-shirt.
STEP 3: Cut off one sleeve, this will be the mask. With sleeve folded, cut one circle through both layers to create holes for the eyes. You may need to try it on to figure out where the holes go for proper Super Hero vision! Trim mask to desired shape.
STEP 4: If neck opening is too big, simply knot the collar at the center, or cut in the center to create a tie.
STEP 5: Print out Veggie Drawings Sheet as reference material to decorate capes with a super veggie for extra super powers!

Super Hero Shield

Make your own super veggie hero shield from a paper plate! 


- Paperplates
Stripsofscraplaminate from the Graphic Artist’s office
- Stapler
- P
rint out a copy of Veggie Drawings Sheet (use to design your own Veggie Super Hero symbol)
 File available on Whole Kids Foundation SharePoint! 


STEP 1: Decorate plate with shield design of your choice. Encourage kids to draw their favorite veggies because Super Kids eat Super Veggies for strength!
STEP 2: Cut a strip of scrap laminate 2-2.5 inches wide and long enough to span the width of the plate.
STEP 3: Staple the laminate to the edges of the plate with the stapler.
STEP 4: Go defend the universe! 

Super Hero I.D. Card

Prove you are in the League of Super Heroes by flashing your custom identification card! Track your Super Hero Training Camp progress on the back of your I.D. card. 


- I.D.cards,printedand trimmed out
File available on Whole Kids Foundation SharePoint!
SuperHeroName Cheat Sheet
Printed File available on Whole Kids Foundation SharePoint!
Pens or markers
Rubberstampsor stickers 


STEP 1: Download and print out: I.D. Card file and the Super Hero Name Cheat Sheet 
STEP 2: Cut/trim I.D. Cards to correct size
STEP 3: Fill in your Super Hero I.D. Card with your super hero name, special power, true identity and favorite super veggie.
STEP 4: If you are hosting a Super Hero Training Camp:
Use the back of the card to track your progress through the Super Hero Training Camp. Use a rubber stamp or sticker to mark each completed activity. 

Super Hero Photo Booth

Provide a great backdrop for donning your cape and snapping a super hero photo as you fly through the sky! 


- Cardboard boxes
Ask receiving if you can have a few of their empty ones
Black/graypaper OR black/gray tempera paint
Yellow/white construction paper OR yellow/white tempera paint 
Scissors & tape OR Paint brushes
Black/navy/bluecraft paper OR table cloth OR curtain
White paper 


Assemble cardboard buildings to fit your photo booth:

Wrap cardboard boxes with black/gray paper OR paint with black/gray tempera paint.
Add “windows” to your buildings by adding rectangles of yellow/white construction paper OR by painting on the rectangles with the yellow/white tempera paint.

STEP 2: Cut out clouds from white paper for the background.
STEP 3: Hang the background (using the paper/table cloth/curtain) and attach the clouds.
STEP 4: Place cardboard buildings in front of the background.
STEP 5: Fly over the city!

BE SURE TO OBTAIN A SIGNED PHOTO RELEASE if you plan to use the photos in store, on your store site, newsletter, etc.

Extra Credit: Use the photo booth to raise money for Whole Kids Foundation. A charge of $5 per photo that is to be emailed to the parents after the event.

Extra Credit: Use a string and binder clip to suspend the end of your cape in the air so it really looks like you’re flying! 

Super Hero Scavenger Hunt

We all know super heroes eat super foods! Find them in the store! Host a Scavenger Hunt using Tamarac’s best practice Store Rainbow Tour. 


Read about the specifics on our Host Your Local Store for a Rainbow Tour page. 

Comic Book Activity Sheet

Star in your own super hero comic book by drawing your own! 


Download and print out Scrapkins Lunchtime Comics worksheet to find out!

Super Hero Training Camp 

Ever wanted to become a Super Hero? All you have to do is go to the
Super Hero Training Camp! Mix and match the materials found in this Toolkit with Whole Kids Foundation activities and materials (Scrapkins, Better Bites and Book Club) to build your own Super Kids event.


Determine what activities you will host in your store. Follow the instructions for each activity. This Toolkit as well as the Whole Kids Foundation Team Member Resources pages are a great place to start.

Ideas: Check out the Super Hero I.D. Cards page for tracking your little Super Hero’s progress through the Training Camp.

Let kids participate in the Super Hero Cape + Mask Making activity before the Training Camp so they can wear their gear while learning to become a Super Hero.

The Scrapkins Bat Mask project is especially fitting!

Is there a way you can create an event that could draw a small fee to cover mate- rials as well as a donation to Whole Kids Foundation? 

Super Foods Bean Bag Toss

See how many times you can hit the target bowl, super heroes need to be precise! 


- Beanbags
Small squares of scrap fabric stitched together and filled with beans or rice
Print out Super Foods Bean Bag Toss Graphics
File available on Whole Kids Foundation SharePoint! 


STEP 1: Make bean bags from scrap fabric and beans or rice.
STEP 2: Arrange print outs of Super Foods Bean Bag Toss Graphics on a flat or slightly angled surface to use as “targets.”
STEP 3: See who can hit the kale every time! 

X-Ray Vision 

Test your x-ray vision to see if you can guess what’s in the bag. 


- Small paper bags from Front End
Assorted veggies and fruits
Binder clips


STEP 1: Collect veggies and fruits. A few ideas: Dino kale, broccoli, spinach, avocado, orange, apple, artichoke, asparagus, cauliflower.
STEP 2: Number the bags with the marker.
STEP 3: Put objects in the bags and close them with the binder clips (to prevent peeking).
STEP 4: Guess what’s in the bag to see how well your x-ray vision works! 

Get the Whole Store Involved 

Every super hero needs a side kick, so why not get the whole store involved? Here are a few ways to encourage store-wide participation.


Designate a Super Hero in each department to help you come up with ideas for their area. Encourage them to wear a super hero mask on event days.

Make buttons for Team Members that read “My super power is __________.”
Let departments choose their collective super power and decorate or dress accordingly!

A Few Ideas by Department

- Can provide many of the snacks for your event - Super power: Knowing when something is 
perfectly ripe.

- Decorate cases with super veggies
- Sample Applegate Farms products
- Super power: Making the perfect cut every time.

-  Provide samples from many of the supplier partners (Annie’s, Back to Nature, Stonyfield YoKids, Cascadian Farms, Cliff Kid, Suja, Organic Valley, Snackimals, Daily Greens)
 Super power: Can scale grocery shelves in a single bound.

- Decorate department with super veggies
- Kid-friendly cheese and chocolate samples
- Super power: Wrapping cheese up nice and tight.

- Sample Rudi’s products
- Super power: Knows how to bake it until 
golden brown.

- Offer colorful, kid-focused recipes in the case 
with special signage
- Super power: Making so much great food every day.

- Hand out balloons
- Dress up as super hero
- Super power: Memorizing every produce 
item code.