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Team Member Bake Sale Raises Funds for WKF

Edgewater Store, Edgewater, NJ

NOTE: Please make sure your bake sales feature items with healthy, nutritious offerings. Healthy options support the mission of WKF to get kids rooted to whole foods (veggies and fruits).

  • Host an in-store or regional office based bake sale to raise funds for WKF
  • Provide guests information about WKF

Culinary Demo Specialist, Kathy Lewandowski, organized and baked treats to raise funds for Whole Kids Foundation. She ran one bake sale back of house and shortly after hosted a second event at their regional offices during their Quarterly Demo meeting. Kathy shares her tips and tricks to running a successful and informational bake sale to benefit WKF!

Event Specifics:

  • Cost: Ingredients were either culls or losses to the teams. Ex: All apples used to make applesauce were produce losses.
  • Labor: Anyone who baked did it on their own time. Set up/break down of event took 1 hour
  • Attendees: About 40-50
  • Event Fee: None
  • Funds Raised: Over $500 total for both sales


Event Planning:

  • Prepare a team of bakers well before the event
  • Set the standard of what types of items you want to include: whole wheat/grains, low-sugar/natural sugars, etc. 
  • Create a diverse list of things to sell
    • Examples: healthy applesauce, vegan/sugar free treats sucha as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, dulce de leche cake, etc.
  • Publicize the sale a least two weeks out via email, bulliten boards, posters all over the BOH at the store, etc.

Event Resources:

  • Reach out to Team Members that enjoy baking
  • Bake Sale at Regional Office: invite culinary demo specialists to assist

Tips to Replicate Event: 

  • Make note of what was popular/not popular after the sale and make recipe adjustments for next time