Explore the Outdoors with PBS KIDS

This Spring and Summer we and our long-time partners at PBS KIDS are bringing you content to inspire curiosity and learn about our responsibility to be nature's caretakers. We will share downloadable content, activities, and how-to video shorts to begin your nature explorations!

How to Start Seeds for Home Gardens

Get a little jump on Mother Nature and start growing your seedlings indoors to get a head start on your spring garden. Learn tips and tricks for starting your seeds.

Growing Your Own Greens

We help kids eat better by connecting them to food, sparking their curiosity, and inspiring them to make healthier choices. And there are lots of ways you can too. One fun approach is by growing leafy greens at home with your child. Learn three ways to grow greens at home.

Since 2011, we have provided over 10 million kids with opportunities to connect with nature and food through our grants and programs.

Healthy Teachers
Salad Bars

Together, we are growing healthy kids!

Kids Choosing Fruits and Veggies