We want to help you reach your goal to eat more vegetables and fruits this year with the Whole Kids Foundation 28-Day Challenge. This at-your-own-pace challenge can be adapted to fit your comfort level and will follow the three principles of healthy eating: Eat a Rainbow, Eat Greens First and Eat as Close to Nature as Possible. Pick one of three challenge options to help improve your health.

Picture Books Celebrating Diversity, MLK, and Black History Month

With MLK Day on January 18 and Black History Month in February, we are diving into readings that teach, honors, and celebrates diversity and inclusion. There are many excellent books for young people that focus on these themes and plant the seeds of action to make the world a better place.

Read on for some favorites that share the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; inspire with the work of pioneering Black botanists, environmentalists and scientists; and give examples of how to practice compassion and understanding every day.

Winter Exploration with PBS KIDS

Adventure is not just for summer. Winter is here, and there is so much to explore. This winter, head to the back yard, look out the window, or safely socially distance at a park to get closer to nature. Enjoy these indoor and outdoor activities that open up a world of discovery.

Since 2011, we have provided over 8.2 million kids with opportunities to connect with nature and food through our grants and programs.

Healthy Teachers
Salad Bars

Together, we are growing healthy kids!

Kids Choosing Fruits and Veggies