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Welcome to the Whole Kids Blog! We can't wait to share our stories, photos and healthy tips with you!

Sprout Scouts is a kids club for elementary-aged students aimed at helping them learn what healthy food is, fall in love with it, and eat it every day. Through fun, hands-on activities, Sprout Scouts clubs teach kids how to grow, prepare, and eat healthy food. Learn about Sprout Scouts and download the activity sheet today!

Meet Our Friend Toby Johnson – He’s on a Mission Through the Mud!

My name is Toby T. Johnson. I’m an athlete, a coach and a healthy eater. I’m very excited to be partnering with Whole Kids Foundation and doing my part in changing the future of children’s health.

Download our Healthy Eating coloring sheet and learn about the principles of healthy eating!

Help kids discover the meaning of organic and download our FREE interactive app, Starting with Soil.

Welcome to the Sand Point Elementary Garden!

Welcome to the Sand Point Elementary School Garden! Located in Seattle, Washington, the Sand Point student grow and harvest their own vegetables in their very own school garden. Let's take a tour!