It’s no secret that pollinators are a crucial part of our food system. In fact, 84% of commercially grown crops are insect-pollinated, and honeybees contribute $24 billion annually to U.S. agriculture. Think about it this way: one in three bites of food are made possible by bees!

Despite this VIP-status in the food world, they are bombarded by threats to their food, homes and environment from every angle! It’s hard to be a busy bee when you’re losing places to land, places to rest, places to eat, places to live – and places to pollinate.

So, how can you help to Give Bees a Chance? You can teach the kiddos in your life about their importance through together-time activities and resources. Share your at-home crafts with #GiveBeesAChance in social to help share the buzz!

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Bee Trivia

Download and print trivia cards or test your bee knowledge below!

The hollow of a tree trunk.

In waxy hexagons inside the hive called a honey comb.

It masks the “fear scent” bees can give off and helps them stay calm.

The queen.

About 40 days.

About 11,400 times per minute!

A special series of movements called a “waggle dance.”

A drone.

Pretty much forever.

About 1/12 of a teaspoon.

At least 150 million years!


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